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Take control of yourspreadsheets

Stop messing around with ugly spreadsheets and manual edits.

Start saving time by automating your data format conversions.

Load Any File Format

With FileFox you can automatically convert your file into a totally new structure and format without any coding or writing of macros. Upload files with any format or table structure, including xlsx, csv, txt, xml, jpg or pdf, and watch the files magically convert to any format you need.

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Transform Your Data

FileFox makes it easy to apply conversion rules and conditions that can be applied for future uploads. You can use all of the same functions from Excel and VBA, like calculations, date formatting, fuzzy lookups, if-then statements and many more without any coding. Apply the automated rules and download your file.

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Automatic Data Harmonization for Anyone

FileFox enables you to save time by automating rules that can be applied to recurring data files.

No Code

Define conversion rules without the mess of complicated programming or scripts.


Automatically convert a File A to a File B format in seconds and apply the same rules to unlimited future files.

Advanced Functions

Utilize a catalog of functions for performing data manipulation that are more powerful than Excel or VBA.


Experience a user friendly design that makes it easy and simple to use for anyone.

Artificial Intelligence

Convert files using AI technology that allows for the recognition of table structures.

Auto Recognition

Load expected input and output files and FileFox will build a set of rules for converting one into the other.


Send or receive files using integrations, including email, Google, Microsoft, Zapier, and webhooks.

Data Security

Rest easy that your files are not taken or stored by FileFox and all processing takes place directly in your browser.

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